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The story here is about how we ended up 'outsourcing' the production of culture to commercial forces. How the reproduction of culture lost its bearings in the "official culture", and became nobody's business. How we the people ended up with a way of looking at the world, a way of comprehending issues, which is far too narrow for comprehending even the very limited fragments of reality for which it was created – understanding the natural phenomena.

Here we explain why the king is completely naked.

The way of looking at the world (alt. "the foundation for truth and meaning"), by which the 19th century science imbued the general culture, proved to be too rigid and narrow. A lopsided evolution resulted, where science and technology blossomed, while culture and social organization stagnated.

The resolution is polyscopy, by definition. Conscious creation of new ways of looking at the world. On all levels of generality. A federated foundation for truth and meaning, where the goal is to see the whole.

Peccei's "The future will either be an inspired product of a great cultural revival, or there will be no future" can serve as motivation. Or Arne Næss and "deep ecology". The point here is that there is no solution to our problems; that the answer is evolution.

Socialized reality – because truth and meaning are founded on the myth that truth means "correspondence with reality".

Power structure – by creating that very concept, as a new way to comprehend power, democracy and social-systemic evolution.